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At Rafael’s Landscaping, we understand that your home needs more than just some plants and grass.  We are licensed landscape contractors who can incorporate hardscaping and lighting into your existing landscape design or create an entirely new landscape design for you that includes a variety of hardscaping and outdoor lighting elements. Hardscaping refers to the design and installation of non-living features, including fireplaces, water features, walkways, retaining walls, and more. Hardscaping can impact landscaping or backyard design, improve drainage, prevent erosion, and help you make use of every part of your property. Outdoor lighting makes it possible for you enjoy your outdoor living spaces in the evenings and can improve safety by lighting walkways, driveways, and patios.

Our licensed professionals have been installing hardscape throughout the East Bay for over 25 years.  We work with each client to create the home of their dreams by accentuating their yard with beautiful hardscape.  Contact us today at 925.822.3268 to setup a free consultation with our experienced, landscape contractor.

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